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Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville, GA

As a homeowner in Gainesville, Georgia, it's important to have home insurance to protect your investment. Home insurance can help cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your home is damaged by weather, fire, theft, or other covered events. It can also provide liability coverage if someone is injured on your property. A homeowners insurance policy can help pay for emergency repairs to the structure of your home or for replacing damaged belongings.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Gainesville, GA, is $955.2. Several insurance companies offer affordable home insurance in Gainesville, GA. Therefore, before taking any action, homeowners should evaluate the many quotes and policies offered by home insurance providers. Before purchasing a policy, you should consider the factors described in this article that affect home insurance costs in Gainesville, GA.

A few low-cost home insurance companies in Gainesville, GA, are listed below.

Factors Influencing Home Insurance in Gainesville, GA:

1. Homeowners insurance rates by coverage levels

2. Homeowners insurance rates by deductibles

3. Homeowners insurance rates by materials used

4. Homeowners insurance rates by the number of claims

Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville, GA - Rates by Coverage Levels

Many factors affect the cost of home insurance in Gainesville, GA. One of the most important factors is the coverage levels. The higher the coverage levels, the higher the cost of the insurance. The more coverage you have, the higher the value of your home and the higher the risk to the insurer, and the more coverage you have, the more likely you are to make a claim. The more claims you make, the higher your rates will be. For instance, homeowners paying a coverage of $200K can avail of home insurance in Gainesville, GA, for $1319. Generally, homeowners opt for coverage of $300K to $400K, paying a premium of $2572 and $2983, respectively.

Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville, GA - Rates by Deductibles

A deductible is the portion of a covered claim that the policyholder is responsible for paying. The higher the deductible, the lower the policy's premium. However, this also means that the policyholder is responsible for a greater portion of any damages that may occur. Some policyholders raise their deductibles to lower their monthly premiums, which means they also accept higher financial responsibility in the event of a covered claim. Gainesville homeowners can customize their insurance coverage by choosing a deductible that suits their needs. For example, Gainesville homeowners who chose a $2500 deductible for their home insurance pay $685. As a result, the higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium. Homeowners who choose a $500 deductible pay $943 for their home insurance.

Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville, GA - Rates by the Materials Used

The cost of home insurance in Gainesville, GA, is affected by the materials used to construct the home. Homes built with brick or stone are more expensive to insure than homes made of wood. This is because brick and stone homes are more resistant to fire and weather damage. Your home's worth may rise if you choose brick, stone, or another masonry. Among the siding materials available today, brick and stone have a long lifespan. These alternatives can also minimize your yearly home maintenance expenses, lowering your insurance premiums. For instance, homeowners in Gainesville, GA, who build their homes with Masonry and Superior brick materials pay $907 and $869 in insurance, respectively.

Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville, GA - Rates by the Number of Claims

As the number of claims on a home insurance policy in Gainesville, GA, goes up, so does the cost of the policy. Insurance companies use claims history as one of the main factors in determining rates. A home with a history of frequent claims is considered a higher risk, and the premium will reflect that. Your claim history contains a record of every insurance claim you have ever made in the past. It includes details on the subject of the loss, what occurred to cause the harm, if your insurance covered it, how much the insurer and many other things paid you. Homeowners in Gainesville, Georgia, can get their coverage for as little as $821 if they have never filed a claim. Home insurance costs between $1002 and $1088 for policyholders with one or two claims.

Top Home Insurance Companies in Gainesville, GA

Home Insurance Company A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating Homeowners Insurance Market share
State Farm A 26.7%
Erie A+ 8.02%
Travelers A++ 5.87%
GEICO A++ 3.64%
Nationwide A+ 3%

Top Travelers Home Insurance Agents in Gainesville, GA

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Alliance Insurance Center Llc 137 Jhnsn Ferry Rd Ste 2150
Campbell & Associates Insurance Inc 2046 W Park Pl Blvd Ste F
Mgb Insurance Services Llc 1475 Terrell Mill Rd Suite 101 30067
(770) 933-7929
M F Block Insurance Inc 663 B HOLCOMB BRIDGE RD 30076
Duffy Insurance Partners Llc 88 N Gate Station Dr Ste 102 30148
(706) 268-1268
Aaa Insurance Agency 2554 Wesley Chap Rd
M A Chenault Insurance Services 2135 ROSWELL ROAD
Nitzel And Company Inc 1621 N ROBERTS RD NW STE 130
(770) 426-8200
Whitmire Insurance Agency 2475 Northwinds Pkwy Ste 200
Smith Service Insurance Agency 1071 Founders Blvd Ste B

Top Nationwide Home Insurance Agents in Gainesville, GA

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Matthew J Nieman 12930 Hwy 9 N
(770) 754-4001
Premier Group Llc 145 N Marietta Pkwy NE Ste C
(770) 874-9022
Jacqueline Gleichauf 2625 CUMBERLAND PKWY 295
Michael W Bommer 5775 GLENRIDGE DR NE STE B400
(404) 252-8860
Gary A Gibson Ins Agency Llc 2910 Canton Hwy
(770) 735-4100
Christopher H Born Lutcf 147 Reinhard Colg Pkwy Ste 2
Insley Insurance & Financial Services Inc. 3490 SHALLOWFORD RD NE STE 308
Edward R Reilly 4005 Winder Hwy Ste 130
(770) 536-4424
Chris Heath Agency Inc 2401 Lville Hwy
Community Insurance Group Llc 1295 Old Ptree Rd NW Ste 260

Top Erie Home Insurance Agents in Gainesville, GA

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Bruce Lucsok Agency Inc 1233 Canton St
Mace Insurance Agency Llc 4385 KIMBALL BRIDGE RD 204 30022
Brandl-Tedeschi Insurance Services 475 Dawsonville Hwy Ste E
Beacon Insurance Llc 92 N Sage St
Bronya L Raisley Insurance Agency 3867 Roswell Rd NE Ste 101
Affinity Insurance Associates Inc. 91 E Savannah St Ste 307
Sp Insurance Agency Inc. 11330 Lakefield Dr. Bldg. 1 11330 Lakefield Dr. Bldg. 1 Duluth 30097
William J Majcher 2315 Oak Rd. 2315 Oak Rd.
Matthew J Montowski 264 N Main St
(770) 998-3336
Crystal Insurance Group Inc 166 Towne Lake Pkwy 30188

Top State Farm Home Insurance Agents in Gainesville, GA

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Chris Grettum 13165 Brown Bridge Rd 30016-4115
Bruce Hull 831 Auburn Rd Ste 530
Andrea Brandt 5950 Bethelview Rd Ste 100 30040-6385
Baxter Bouchillon 950 Ptree Ind Blvd 30024-1995
Cindy Bernzott 3043 M Moore Pkwy E 30533-3953
Brent Brainerd 442 E Paces Fry Rd NE 30305-3301
Alex Chong 6378 Highway 72 W
Curt Brock 3015 Canton Road 30066-3878
Don Swanson 38 Sycamore St
(706) 387-5030
Michael Decarlo 2450 Atlanta Hwy STE 103 STE 302 30040
(770) 889-4303

Top GEICO Home Insurance Agents in Gainesville, GA

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Cindy Littrell 4355 Covington Hwy
Donald Reed 244 14th St NE
(404) 695-6008

Homeowners Insurance Comparison for the Cheapest Premiums in Gainesville, GA

State FarmNationwideErie
Median Home Value ($) 138,420148,420158,420
Construction year 197119781990
Home Coverage ($) $150000-$175000$150000-$175000$175000-$200000
Total Premium ($) $1273$773$759

Gainesville, GA Multi Policy Discounts by Home Insurance Companies

Home Insurance Company Multi Policy Discount (%)
Travelers upto 8%
Nationwide upto 7%
Erie upto 18%
GEICO upto 24%